Sarah-Dawn Albani

Sarah-Dawn Albani is a San Francisco based artist and writer who considers her work a method by which to practice theory.  Working in video, performance, sound, sculpture, and painting, Albani explores the power of personal and cultural myth and meaning making, and the limits and potential of the constructs of the self. Current projects explore environmental crisis, trauma, cults, authoritarianism, ideology, prophecy, utopia, and dystopia through the lens of her own westward journey twenty years ago as a young seeker. Her most recent essays will be part of the collection California Melancholy. 

me in hakone.JPG

Connie Zheng

Connie Zheng is an interdisciplinary artist and writer who uses the dialogue between text, drawing, painting and time-based media as a conduit through which to consider the environment of the media and the media of the environment. Born in China and raised in the American Northeast, verdant forests and villages of trash have long occupied simultaneously for her the site of “home.” Recent projects investigate the linkages between cultural and ecological colonization, the circulation of waste commodities, and the pictorial de-privileging of the human figure in relation to the environment.