Collected Writing

Strategies of Care


We believe the means to our collective and individual liberation lie in a fundamental revision of what activities matter. We have produced enough. We must learn to care for what we have. Care has long been the invisible work of women and communities of color- it is work that disappears every day and the value given to it is also disappeared through a process of marginalization that began hundreds of years before the industrial revolution would usher in the supremacy of production. 


We believe that Strategies of Care can begin the revision of our relationship to production and redefine what work matters on this planet moving forward. If we can not care for what we produce then we are woefully out of balance.  When what we produce is waste, toxicity, pollution, violence and war, we have crossed a threshold that signals our entry into a world in which the human organism has no right to ask for shelter. 


We have ceased to care and in so doing we are forgetting the fundamental agreements at the heart of human endeavor.    


Work on behalf of something/someone besides yourself. 

All actions have consequences, tiny gestures move through the network as surely as the heroic.

Look and listen to determine where your efforts are needed. Wait and look and listen some more. Sometimes a witness is what is needed the most.

Reach out. Touch can transmit care in the most fundamental of ways.